What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a fully furnished and equipped office or office building which can be conveniently rented and used by businesses and companies on short notice. Unlike conventional leased office spaces, these facilities feature more lenient rental terms and flexible space options which help businesses reduce costs for equipment, furnishing, staffing, and availability.

Many serviced offices are available for immediate occupancy and can easily be found in advertisements on the Internet and in newspapers. In terms of rental and space flexibility, the rental terms of most serviced offices offer convenience to the renting business. Clients can easily move in and out of the rented space without the burden of deposits and penalties.

Clients only have to pay for the space that they need and may scale down or expand the space they are renting depending on their needs. As the client’s business expands, additional rooms and floors may also be requested on short notice. In the same way, they can let go of office space that they no longer need. This way, clients can allocate their resources more prudently.

Located in central business centres in most of the world’s major cities increases accessibility, serviced offices offer clients prestigious addresses that help them to be locally and internationally visible. They are able to conveniently connect with other businesses as well as their target markets.

In terms of services and facilities, most serviced offices advertise world-class, state of the art office spaces that include conference rooms, meeting rooms, work areas, and furniture. Services like business registration assistance, staffing of receptionists, secretaries and even security, telephone, and Internet connectivity and insurance are also assured.