What is a business centre?

A business centre is a commercial facility that offers fully-furnished office spaces for businesses for either short-term or medium-term duration. These facilities are suitable for both full-fledged businesses that are looking to expand their businesses as well as fledgling start-ups that need a convenient place to move in as they search for more permanent locations for their offices. They may also be used by lawyers who need office spaces that are more conveniently located for their clients or are within close proximity to the offices they need to visit for their cases.

A business centre is also known as serviced offices both in function and purpose. These facilities are also usually located near financial centres, business and commercial centres, and recreation areas for utmost connectivity and visibility to the local and international markets. Some companies offering serviced offices also have branches in major cities in other parts of the world that clients may also consider for their international expansion.

Clients have a number of options to choose from including: office size, layout, administrative and support facilities, workstations, furniture and even support staff such as receptionists, secretaries and security personnel. Services and facilities mostly include modern, state of the art room designs, ergonomically enhanced furniture, high speed telephone and Internet connectivity, office machines, mail handling, and even hospitality services such as housekeeping and snacks and refreshments.

These facilities are usually owned and managed by companies such as serviced office brokers and property management companies. Advertisements for these facilities can be found online, in magazines and newspapers, and even on signs posted on their buildings. Asking prices vary and most offer bundled packages for their clients’ needs.