About Business Bay

Business Bay Dubai, just like its name implies, is one of the many business and commercial centres in Dubai that boast of numerous modern skyscrapers, international businesses, and recreational areas that promote and enhance comfort and luxury living in Dubai. It is also usually referred to as the Manhattan or Ginza of the UAE as one of the country’s prime commercial centres.

The district was established in response to high demand and competition for construction of commercial, residential, and office space among various local and international business owners. The high demand could not be sufficiently met by the former regulations. Now, this area features world class residential areas, hotels, roads, landscaped parks, recreational areas, and commercial and business establishments.

It consists of modern and fashionable landmarks such as Bay Square which features restaurants, cafes, retail stores, office space, hotels, residential buildings, small and medium-sized businesses; Executive Towers which feature residential, commercial and office towers; and Bay Avenue which is dotted with recreational areas such as theatres, amusement parks, resorts and entertainments centres. The famous Dubai Creek extension, the embodiment of Dubai’s progress, can also be found there. This helped transform Dubai from a fishing and pearl cultivation community into one of the world’s most important trading posts.

Progressive communities such as the Dubai Internet City, the Dubai Media City, and others that are still in the pipeline have become crucial for the development of Dubai as an important international commercial and business centre.

With over 240 buildings both completed and planned, it is an ideal location for investing and setting up businesses. Its close proximity to prestigious districts such as Freehold areas, the Dubai International Finance Centre, and even the Burj Khalifa makes it a financial and business hotspot. This area has a number of businesses competing for local and international client visibility, office space, and residential and building opportunities